Activity Plan

2015 Activity Plan and Budget Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24

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Annual Report

2014 Annual Report  Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24

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Community funding

ANI Technical Assistance under the Framework Programme

Within the framework of the management of Structural Funds for Innovation Support, Operational Programmes may delegate to an Intermediate Body the management and monitoring of investment typologies, including support, monitoring, management, monitoring and assessment, certification, audit and control functions.

Since its inception, and over the past 20 years operating in the RTD area, the AdI acquired and consolidated an invaluable wealth of experience and knowledge in the management of technical and scientific monitoring, and in the optimization of for corporate R&D and technological infrastructure support initiatives, including, in particular, the construction and promotion of a partner network, from the application assessment stage to the conclusion of the projects, offering it privileged access to scientific evaluators and different actors – companies and R&I institutions – thus boosting RTD, through the interconnection between the various supporting instruments, according to the maturity of R&D results.

In 2015 and the following years, ANI, by delegation of the duties comprised in the Operational Programmes, under QREN and the new Portugal 2020 European framework, will provide technical-scientific assistance and management services to a broad range of corporate R&D financing products and tax incentives, as well as support for the Technological Infrastructure.

The granting of incentives is decided by the Managing Authorities:

  • Compete – Competitiveness Factors Operational Programme
  • Alentejo Operational Programme
  • Algarve Operational Programme
  • Center Operational Programme
  • Lisbon Operational Programme
  • North Operational Programme
  • ERDF Technical Assistance Operational Programme

The payment of expenses incurred by ANI with the provision of technical and scientific assistance and the management of financing and incentive products takes on the designation of Technical Assistance.

Information on EU funds obtained in previous years can be found at the previous Innovation Agency’s website.

Public Procurement

Concluded Contracts

The agreements concluded by ANI (the Portuguese National Innovation Agency) are published at the Public Procurement Website and can be found here:

Open public tenders

There are no public tenders managed by the National Innovation Agency at the moment.