Workshop “The Portuguese business Diaspora and the opportunities of the Horizon 2020 Programme”

May 23, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon

ANI (the Portuguese National Innovation Agency) in partnership with the Council of the Portuguese Diaspora and FCT (the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) will organize the workshop “The Portuguese Business Diaspora and the Opportunities of the Horizon 2020 Program”.

This event will discuss actions to maximize the involvement of Portuguese business diaspora in supporting the participation of national companies in the Horizon 2020 Programme. Within this workshop, the Portuguese experience of business diaspora in European projects and their contributions to national objectives in Horizon 2020 will be discussed, by presenting examples of three companies: GE Renewables, Embraer and Optimal.

Registration for this event is free of charge but requires prior registration through the email diaspora.h2020@diasporaportuguesa.org.

Detailed programme here.