ANI is the Portuguese National Innovation Agency.

Our mission is to promote knowledge transfer through greater and better collaboration and cooperation between enterprises and the research & knowledge production institutions.

The ANI mandate is to promote innovation through research funding.

ANI is assumed as “THE INNOVATION HUB” that embodies the growing alignment of the R&D, Innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship policies in the areas of science and economy, with the main function to promote knowledge transfer, in particular through more and better cooperation and coordination between companies and the R&I institutions. As part of a new repositioning, ANI pursues a wide range of activities:

  • Enhances collaborative innovation
  • Leverages knowledge transfer to companies
  • Increases the participation of the National S&T System and of national companies in the Research & Innovation international networks
  • Strengthens business investment in R&I
  • Fosters a social environment which favours technological entrepreneurship

Therefore, it is endowed with a model of governance which allows it to take a central position in the science-economy relation, partnering with relevant stakeholders. There are three Directorates managing different work areas:

  • Funding incentives
  • Projects & International Cooperation
  • Policy and Innovation Promotion