s4hSmart4Health, the largest research project ever coordinated by Portugal under the scope of the Horizon 2020 European Research and Innovation Programme, received 22 million Euros worth of funding, of which more than 4 million is for Portuguese entities. The aim of this project is to promote personalised health solutions through the universal exchange of Electronic Health Records.

The President of the National Innovation Agency (ANI), Eduardo Maldonado, recalls that “ANI, through the Framework Programme Promotion Office (GPPQ), supports the participation of Portuguese entities in Horizon 2020. The 2018 results in the health sector were fairly positive, with a total funding of 10.6 million Euros raised by national entities, which corresponds to a success rate of 17%, which is reflected in 15 new European projects with Portuguese participation.”

Ricardo Jardim Gonçalves, coordinator of Smart4Health, says that this project reconfirms “The solid, international reputation of UNINOVA as FCT NOVA’s institute for excellence in research, and that Smart4Health will change, both radically and globally, the paradigm of how health, wellness and care services are provided.” The project’s international team “is totally committed and Portugal is responsible for coordinating this joint effort”. Therefore, the Smart4Health project responds to “the European strategy for the digital transformation and support for social innovation by supporting the reform of digital health systems and their transition to new, interoperable models centred around peoples’ needs.”

Smart4Health is based on two major pillars that derive from the citizens’ needs in an increasingly digital society: participating in managing their own health and helping society through sharing their data.

The development of this project will enable citizens and health care providers to collaborate with physicians and researchers in an integrated and digital way. It is hoped that it will improve clinical care and treatment plans for citizens by allowing medical teams and health care providers to have ubiquitous access to Electronic Health Records in a timely manner, allowing for better and more informed decision-making. In this way, Smart4Health will empower European citizens to be able to manage their own health in the context of an active life in a digital society.

Smart4Health has a consortium of 18 international partners led by Ricardo Jardim Gonçalves, Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT NOVA) and coordinator of the GRIS research unit at the Technology and Systems Centre (CTS) at UNINOVA – Institute for the Development of New Technologies. The project integrates two more Portuguese partners, the Regional Secretariat for Madeira Tourism and Culture and the Knowledgebiz Consulting company.