Portugal integrates European Network of Competence Centres for Public Procurement of Innovation

P21_finalPortugal integrates the consortium of countries that are part of the European project Procure2Innovate, in the scope of the public procurements of innovation. Procure2Innovate has 19 partners from 10 countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.

This is a project funded by the European Commission through the research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020. Procure2Innovate aims to improve support for public buyers and the promotion of public procurement of innovation in various sectors. It is envisaged that these objectives will be achieved through the creation of new competence centres and the strengthening of institutional support given to the existing centres.

“Acquiring innovation in the buyer’s real life requires robust tools to support them. A competence centre is a flexible instrument ideal for dealing with difficulties and barriers. From the beginning, the P2I project and partnership has been a practical and agile way to benefit from the experience and knowledge of the existing models that operate in Europe”, says the project coordinator, Luís Ferreira.

Procure2Innovate also aims to reward the best innovation acquisition of the year and recognise the work developed by the European competence centres through the European Award Procura+. This will be an annual initiative and is addressed to all public buyers of innovation that have received advice and support from these entities. Applications must be submitted by the 31st of March.

According to the Procure2Innovate managers, as the network develops, there is a boost in the activity of public innovation procurement throughout Europe, by modernising and improving the services provided to public buyers.

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