Assessments to Innovation and Business R&D in Portugal

Directorate-General for Statistics on Education and Science (DGEEC)

DGEEC is the central administration’s service responsible for providing official statistical information on national education, science, technology and information society, in accordance with the European Statistics Code of Practice and within the framework of the National Statistics System.

The Survey on the National Potencial on Science and Technology  is an annual survey performed by DGEEC among the national companies, state labs, Higher Education institutions and non-profit private entities, with a view to quantifying  and qualifying human resources and expenses with R&D activities, according to criteria agreed by EUROSTAT at European level and in collaboration with the OECD. Official statistics on R&D in Portugal are based on this survey.
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The Community Innovation Survey (CIS) is a survey to companies, conducted every two years, for collecting official statistics on business innovation in Portugal, as in other European countries. CIS is a rating instrument of the National Statistical System that is regulated by the European Union for measuring and describing innovation activities performed in companies. It takes place under the guidance of EUROSTAT.
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Studies for international benchmarking on Innovation and business R&D

European Commission/ Eurostat - Innovation Union Scoreboard

The Innovation Union Scoreboard (IUS) is the reference instrument in the EU to analyze and compare the performance of member states in the field of innovation.

It annually assesses a series of benchmarking indicators in the innovation policies field arising from the recommendations set in the “Lisbon Strategy”.
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OECD - Science Technology and Industry Outlook

The Science, Technology and Industry Outlook is a OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) biennial publication that analyzes and compares the performance of 45 countries in Science, Technology and Innovation. This benchmarking exercise includes both the OECD members and partners states and some emerging economies.
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