Portugal 2020 - The new framework

2020In line with the European Union’s Regional Policy framework, Portugal will be provided with a 25 billion euros support until 2020 coming out of the European Structural Fund (ERDF – European Regional Development Fund , Cohesion Fund, ESF – European Social Fund, EAFRD – European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and EMFF – European Maritime and Fisheries Fund). The aim of this support, which funding lines and application rules are structured under the so-called Portugal 2020 framework programme, is to stimulate economic growth and job creation in the country.

Portugal 2020 framework programme is organized into four thematic areas: Competitiveness and Internationalization; Employment and Social Inclusion; Human Capital; Sustainability and Efficient Use of Resources.

The Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Programme (Compete 2020) has a total available budget of 4.4 billion euros available with a view to strengthening the national investment in research, technological development and innovation; enhancing SMEs competitiveness, including also the reduction of public administrative costs; promoting sustainable transport; and ensuring sustainability and the quality of employment.

Incentive systems for Competitiveness and Internationalization in companies

The Specific Regulation for the Competitiveness and Innovation Domain was published on February 27, 2015, laying down the rules applicable to corporate incentive systems. Read the regulation here.

Calls for proposals 2015/2016

Action lines managed by ANI
Check open and planned calls under the programmatic action lines managed by ANI:

Portugal 2020 planned calls for proposals
The planning for all calls for proposals under all the action lines foreseen in the Incentive Scheme to companies can be consulted in the Portugal 2020 website.

We also draw your attention to the planning of calls for proposals under the Collective Actions Incentive Scheme  for Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Clusters Promotion:

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SIFIDE - Tax Incentive Scheme for Business R&D

SIFIDESIFIDE – the R&D tax incentive system for companies aims to boost the competitiveness of companies by supporting their R&D efforts through a corporate tax deduction applied to expenditures of such nature.

SIFIDE was established in 1997 with a view to stimulating the participation of the business sector in the national R&D effort. Experience of its implementation shows that this mechanism has significantly contributed to the  increase of R&D activities in Portuguese companies.

Since 1997, SIFIDE has undergone several revisions. SIFIDE II entered into force in 2011, following the introduction of some amendments to its regulation mechanisms. This has only made it even more attractive to companies.

More information on SIFIDE here.

Horizon 2020 - European research and innovation funding


Running between 2014 and 2020, Horizon 2020 is the European Commission’s Framework Programme for funding collaborative research and innovation all over the EU and its international cooperation partner countries.

The European Commission’s Framework Programmes are the main funding instruments for research and innovation in Europe, and have been designed to create a true internal market for science, technology and innovation in building the future of Europe as a competitive and dynamic world leader.

National Office for the Promotion of the EU R&I Framework Programme

In Portugal, GPPQ (the National Office for the Promotion of the EU R&I Framework Programme) is the responsible entity for promoting and monitoring the participation of the national scientific and technological community in Horizon 2020 and the one that ensures the distribution of information concerning its opportunities.

For more information on open calls for proposals under Horizon 2020, please click here or contact our National Contact Points.

Previous incentive schemes

The former Innovation Agency in Portugal (AdI – Agência de Inovação) managed, within the previous frameworks, a number of action lines to encourage business R&D:

Consortium R&D Projects- 1993 – 2013
Mobilizing Projects – 2007 – 2013
DEMTEC – Products Related Pilot Projects, Technologically Innovative Processes and Systems – 2003 – 2006
NITEC – R&TD Cores in the Corporate Sector 2003-2006
Integration of MSc and PhD degree holders in Companies – 1997-2006
Scholarships for Internships in International Scientific Organizations – 1996-2009
NEST – New Technological Support Companies – 2003-2006
Neotec – Potential Entrepreneur Promotion – 2005-2006
Neotec – Technology-Based Companies – 2005-2006
Competence Networks – 2005-2006
Valorization Centers – 2005 – 2006
SIFIDE – Tax Incentive Scheme for Corporate R&D – since 1997

More information on these incentive measures in the previous Portuguese Innovation Agency site.