The “Research and Technological Development” Incentive Scheme (SI I&DT) and the “Scientific and Technologial Research” Support Scheme (SAICT) provide support to the internationalization of R&D by encouraging the participation of companies and remaining R&I System entities in European research and innovation programs, in particular Horizon 2020.

The call is open for continuous submission of proposals, in the following action lines:

  • SI I&DT “Internationalization of R&D” – For companies
  • SAICT “Internationalization of R&D” – For other entities of the R&I System

Proposals Submission

Through Balcão 2020

Open calls for proposals

R&D Internationalization – Individual projects

Starting date: April 28 2015
Closing date: continuous submission

Horizon 2020 - European research and innovation funding


Running between 2014 and 2020, Horizon 2020 is the European Commission’s Framework Program for funding collaborative research and innovation all over the EU and its international cooperation partner countries.

The European Commission’s Framework Programs are the main funding instruments for research and innovation in Europe, and have been designed to create a true internal market for science, technology and innovation in building the future of Europe as a competitive and dynamic world leader.

National Office for the Promotion of the EU R&I Framework Program

In Portugal, GPPQ (the National Office for the Promotion of the EU R&I Framework Program) is the responsible entity for promoting and monitoring the participation of the national scientific and technological community in Horizon 2020 and the one that ensures the distribution of information concerning its opportunities.

For more information on open calls for proposals under Horizon 2020, please click here or contact our National Contact Points.