ANI promotes and participates in a number of programmes, projects and initiatives aimed at boosting the internationalization of the National Research and Innovation System, ensuring the global competitiveness of applied research projects.

Promoting the economic valorization of results and technology transfer


Support services for innovation and internationalization of SMEs

Portugal is part of the Enterprise Europe Network through the national consortium that aggregates 12 entities from the whole continental territory of Portugal and the autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores.

ANI is a member of the Network since its inception and is especially suited to support technology-based partnerships and the economic exploitation of results of research & development and innovation projects.


Technology and business matchmaking platform

Within the scope of Enterprise Europe Network Portugal, ANI promotes a Technology and Business Matchmaking Platform, offering its users a means for the valorisation of R&D and Innovation through partner search for projects and exploitation of results, promotion of innovative products, and access to new partnerships and markets.

Meet the Technology and Business Matchmaking Platform

Supporting participation in international R&D consortia


International projects led by SMEs

The EUROSTARS programme aims to support international R&D projects led by SMEs with strong growth potential, complementing other national and regional European SMEs support programmes.

The EUROSTARS Programme is the result of the collaborative effort between the EUREKA Initiative and the European Commission (EC) and aims to combine minimal bureaucracy, “bottom-up” and proximity to the market features of EUREKA, with the centralized financing programme model of the EU Framework Programmes.


Promotion of national participation in the Horizon 2020

In Portugal, GPPQ (the National Office for the Promotion of the EU R&I Framework Programme) is the responsible entity for promoting and monitoring the participation of the national scientific and technological community in Horizon 2020 and the one that ensures the distribution of information concerning its opportunities.

For more information on open calls for proposals under Horizon 2020, please click here or contact our National Contact Points.

European projets on innovation policies benchmarking


Innovation in the Health Sector

The HELIUM project (Health Innovation Experimental Landscape through Policy Improvement) is a European project funded by the European Commission under the INTERREG Europe programme, evolving 9 regional actors from 5 different EU Member-States. The project aims at promoting an experimental landscape for innovation in health through the optimization of public policies.

Learn more about the HELIUM project


Industrial Innovation

The S34GROWTH project (Enhancing Policies Through Inter-Regional Cooperation: New Industrial Value Chains for Growth) is a European project funded by the European Commission, under the INTERREG Europe programme, involving 11 regional actors from 10 European regions of 8 different EU Member-States. The project aims at developing and improving existing instruments and public policies that contribute to the implementation of new ways of industrial innovation.

Learn more about the S34Growth project



The ECOPOL project (Public Partnership for Better Innovation Policies and Instruments in Support of Eco-Innovation) is a European project funded by the European Commission, which acted as an Action Plan tool for Eco-innovation. Its purpose was to identify, analyze and assess policies and instruments for Eco-innovation as well as making recommendations for their implementation in each partner country and at European (EU) level.

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Knowledge Transfer

The KTFORCE project produced a series of strategic recommendations applied to the design of future innovation policies in Europe through the benchmarking of policies and knowledge transfer practices that may be contributing to make Europe’s most dynamic regions more competitive.

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