ANI has a key role in supporting the definition of innovation policies and the integrated promotion of support to business R&D, technology transfer, technological innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship.

ENEI Coordinating Council

The ENEI (the National Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization) aims to develop the whole national research and innovation system within a sustainable framework, identifying the major smart specialization goals, the areas where specific scientific, technological and economic expertise can be found in Portugal, both country-wide and/or throughout its regions, and in which the country hold comparative and competitive advantages, or the potential to emerge as such.

The ENEI’s governance model establishes a Coordinating Council for ensuring effective coordination and monitoring to the implementation of the Strategy’s policy-mix. ANI chairs this Council and will also provide for its technical secretariat.

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Integrated Promotion of Support for Business R&D

ANI is responsible for the integrated promotion of support for R&D in companies, technology transfer, technological innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship, making it simpler for companies and other entities in the national Research and Innovation System to access the various support instruments available, including tax incentives and international programmes.

Partnerships and cooperation


The partnership with COTEC Portugal (the National Business Association for Innovation) allows for an even closer cooperation between companies and ANI, since COTEC is an association created by companies to promote business innovation.

COTEC presides over the ANI Advisory Board through its General Director, Daniel Bessa.

This partnership offers access to expert knowledge assets and the operational capability – in the short term – of a number of high value-added activities.

The two entities disseminate the importance of corporate innovation and of the programmes and tools available for promoting such innovation.

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Given the alignment of the European Commission’s Action Plan for Eco-innovation with the Innovation Union strategy, and in the context of the comprehensive nature of the policies concerned, APA and ANI concluded an agreement in February 2011.

The Agreement is based on the coordination between environmental and innovation policies, and aims at strengthening relations between the world of research and the Portuguese entrepreneurial universe, bringing technological solutions closer to environmental challenges.

This agreement was an integral part of the Portuguese participation in the ECOPOL project and the High Level Group for Eco-innovation.

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By invitation of the municipality of Porto, a partnership was established with ANI under the Invest Porto project, an initiative aimed at contributing to the creation of a business environment more conducive to attracting investment to the city.

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ANI has partnered with Unicer and the Serralves Foundation under the National Creative Industries Award, a pioneering initiative in Portugal aimed at rewarding people with creative and entrepreneurial minds in a competition exclusively devoted to creative industries.

ANI participates as a member of the jury since the prize was launched in 2009.

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The Green Project Awards – Portugal aims to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable development.

ANI has been invited to participate in this contest to coordinate the jury in the category of goods and services.

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The Agricultural Credit Innovation Award – Agriculture, Agro-Industry and Forestry, is an initiative designed to spread an innovative culture in the agriculture, agro-industry and forestry sectors, promoting, encouraging and rewarding innovative projects.

As a result of the collaboration between ANI and the INOVAR Network, ANI was one of the Jury members.

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