LOGO-PQ‘Born from Knowledge’ is a series of initiatives promoted by the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education within the context of the Web Summit event, which aims to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial skills through training, scientific research and knowledge.

‘Ideas’ and ‘Students’ are two of the promoted initiatives.


National competition for innovative ideas focusing on training and scientific knowledge

Applications are open between June 17 and July 31

It aims to promote and reward business ideas involving science and/or technology-based products with an innovation potential and economic/financial viability. Ideas that also associate social and cultural responsibility will be particularly valued. Intended for higher-education students and post-doctoral researchers.

Created to stimulate new ideas with greater added value and with the potential for internationalization and the export of products, as well as ideas that can create skilled jobs.

ANI – National Innovation Agency is responsible for promoting the integration of winning ideas in an entrepreneurship and innovation program/immersion action.

Applications are open from June 17 to July 31 through the website www.bornfromknowledge.pt  

Participation and collaboration program in the Web Summit event, to be held in Lisbon from November 7th to 10th, for students of Portuguese Higher Education Institutions.

Registrations must be made through the website www.bornfromknowledge.pt