R&D in Co-Promotion receives 191 applications

ANI received 191 applications for the first open call for Technological Research and Development (R&D) in co-promotion, which ended on the 2nd June, within Portugal2020 – the new community support framework.

The 191 projects involve 272 companies and 278 non-corporate entities of the Research and Innovation system, a total of 550 entities.

The total investment involved in the projects applications for this call is 188 million euros.

Projects in co-promotion are carried out in partnership between companies or between companies and non-corporate entities of the national R&I system, and are led by companies comprising of industrial research and/ or experimental development, leading to the creation of new products, processes or systems or the introduction of significant improvements in products, processes or existing systems.

It is anticipated the opening of a new call for applications for projects of Technological Research and Development in Co-Promotion next October.

More information on applications for Technological Development (R&D)projects in Co-Promotion