Porto, July 2, 2015, Hotel Ipanema Park

Lisbon, July 9, 2015, Theatro Thalia

banner_NetWorking_ANIANI (the Portuguese National Innovation Agency) organized two networking sunsets with all the collaborative innovation counterparts in Portugal, which took place on the 2nd and the 9th of July in Porto and Lisbon.
The conclusion of QREN (the prior National Strategic Reference Framework) and the beginning of Portugal 2020 were the motto for gathering business representatives and other national innovation entities in an informal athmosphere. The goal of the event was to share and debate ideas on collaborative technological innovation and its internationalization as a driver of national competitiveness.


ANI’s vision is based on a well-articulated national innovation system that is able to create demand-oriented projects enabling the transfer of knowledge between companies and the R&I institutions. It’s in the context of this articulation between system actors, and especially in the close collaboration between companies and the R&I institutions, that we can find the main factor in reducing the risks involved in business innovation. The sharing of skills and resources is crucial to engage with a global market where challenges are conquered through collaboration and the sharing of opportunities, risks and gains.

It is equally crucial to ensure that projects take full advantage of the various financial resources available both in Portugal and abroad. The new EU framework (2014-2020) provides several million euros to finance market-oriented innovation and technological development.

ANI has provided on-site support and information to all those interested in the various available instruments, in Portugal and abroad, under the management of this agency.

ANI’s innovation sunsets included a networking moment in a “sunset drink” format, based on a model of “collaborative” partnerships with companies and brands that represent good examples of Portuguese entrepreneurship and innovation in the food and beverage industry.