The “Research and Technological Development” Incentive Scheme, in order to foster entrepreneurship and investment regarding R&TD activities, aims to provide support for the creation and dynamisation of “R&TD Teams in companies in CO-PROMOTION”, involving highly qualified human resources, from different co – promoters, namely non-corporate entities of the R&I System, that join together in the form of consortia, headed by SME’s, to perform a set of activities to strengthen enterprise internal skills on R&TD, towards technology transfer and knowledge sharing.

R&TD Teams in companies in CO-PROMOTION, aim at setting-up and revitalizing R&TD structures in a collaborative way, based on the establishment of medium and long term strategic partnerships, between different actors from the R&I System, with the main objective of cooperation in the identification of challenges – co-planning activities in order to develop new technologies – in the definition of projects, carrying out technological prospective activities in long term, developing technological viability studies, sharing resources and facilities, and in the mobility and/or exchange of highly qualified human resources between companies or between companies and non-corporate entities of the R&I System, towards technology transfer and knowledge sharing, based on shared activity plans.

Open calls for proposals

R&TD Teams in Companies – co-promotion projects

1st Call

Start Date: 08-04-2016
Closing Date: 30-06-2016 (19:00)

Proposals Submission

Through Balcão 2020