ANI manages a set of financial and tax incentives for research, development and innovation with a view to supporting the valorization of scientific and technological knowledge by turning it into economic growth.

Financial Incentives for Business R & D


action lines managed by ANI

  • MOBILIZING PROGRAMMES – Strategic cross-thematic R&D projects that envisage the development of new products, processes or services highly intensive in technology and innovation – MORE
  • R&TD TEAMS IN COMPANIES (Projects in Co-Promotion) – ensure creation, valuing and reinforcement of internal competences in business R&TD – MORE
  • DEMONSTRATORS – Projects demonstrators of advanced technologies and pilot lines – MORE
  • R&TD in CO-PROMOTION – Business projects in co-promotion with other companies or other entities of the R&I system – MORE
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION of R&D – Encouraging the participation of companies and other entities of the R&I System in European research and innovation programmes – MORE
  • INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY – Industrial Property Rights Protection – MORE

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Tax incentives for Business R & D


SIFIDE – the R&D tax incentive system for companies aims to boost the competitiveness of companies by supporting their R&D efforts through a corporate tax deduction applied to expenditures of such nature.

SIFIDE was established in 1997 with a view to stimulating the participation of the business sector in the national R&D effort. Experience of its implementation shows that this mechanism has significantly contributed to the  increase of R&D activities in Portuguese companies.

Since 1997, SIFIDE has undergone several revisions. SIFIDE II entered into force in 2011, following the introduction of some amendments to its regulation mechanisms. This has only made it even more attractive to companies.

More information about SIFIDE here.