12th COTEC National Innovation Meeting

12EncontroNacionalInovacaoCOTECOrganized, for the first time, in collaboration with ANI (the Portuguese National Innovation Agency), the 12th COTEC National Innovation Meeting will take place on the December 9, at Culturgest, in Lisbon.

This year’s theme is “Knowledge Intensive Innovation” and will include the participation of Rudolf Martin Siegers, CEO of Siemens Region Germany, and the leaders of Bial, Frulact, Novabase and Vision-Box.

At the Closing Session, the President of the Portuguese Republic will announce the winners of the two prizes awarded annually by COTEC Portugal, the SME’s Innovation Award COTEC-BPI, with the support of Público, and the Product Innovation Award COTEC-NORS, with the support of Expresso.


Participation is subject to prior registration:

Claudia Gouveia