Nowadays, European countries are well aware of the need to increase the sustainability of health-care systems by betting, among other mechanisms, on innovation in order to find business models that support their activities.

In this context, the main goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of public funding for innovation in health, by strengthening regional innovation systems and taking advantage of the market potential of existing projects and good practices.

In operational terms, this goal will be accomplished if the project delivers the following results:

• Incorporate more partners and beneficiaries of innovation in health;
• Help in the evolution, connection and interlinking of existing innovation capacities;
• Allow for better social/financial benefits for society;
• Leverage bigger amounts of private funding for innovation in health;

Project Partners

HELIUM project partners are regions that have identified health, well-being and life sciences has smart specialization sectors with high innovative potential. The partners are as follows:

Main activities of ANI

Under the HELIUM project, and taking into consideration the NORTE 2020 programme (that integrated set of priorities and funding instruments addressing the main challenges and opportunities of Portugal’s Norte region), ANI’s aim is to strengthen research, technological development and innovation in the region, taking into account the region’s positioning as only a moderate innovative region and the identification of health, well-being and life sciences as key smart specialization areas of the region.

In this context, ANI’s challenge is to:

• Improve the knowledge and the qualifications of people involved innovation and health-care provision;
• Facilitate access to funding and corporate innovation;
• Support innovative companies, in order for them to transform the result of their research into health innovative products and services.

Main beneficiaries and expected results

The project intends to benefit all actor from the “quadruple helix”:

  • Public authorities, by strengthening their ability to face innovation in health;
  • Research and business centres, by strengthening the opportunities to carry out and capitalise the innovation process;
  • Health-care providers, by delivering more efficient and innovative solutions;
  • Society, by evolving it in the process of innovation, articulating its needs and allowing them to use new technologies.

More information about the HELIUM project at www.interregeurope.eu/helium

About INTERREG Europe


INTERREG Europe, under which the Helium project is funded, is a European programme financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), whose main goal is to contribute to the improvement of the implementation of regional development programmes and policies. INTERREG Europe is about supporting the cooperation among regions, through a learning process in terms of public policies and the capitalisation of good practices in innovation.

The idea is to exchange experiences and ideas and find solutions that impact society, in order to improve the results investing in public funding for innovation, this way promoting the regions’ integrated and sustainable development.

This programme falls under 4 main areas:

• Research and innovation
• SME competitiveness
• Low-carbon economy
• Environment and resource efficiency

The HELIUM project falls under the “Research and Innovation” area of the INTERREG Europe programme. It began on the 1st of April 2016 and is due to finish on the 30th of September 2020. It has a total funding of € 1.982.853.

More information about Interreg Europe at www.interregeurope.eu